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Welcome to the Alpine Botanical Garden in Hemavan, Sweden


The garden is open for visitors every day, all year around.
Guided tours will be offered again 26 th of june 2017!
Guided tours in the garden are offered daily during the summer season 22/6-12/8 at 10.30 and at 16.300
Guided tours at the flower mountain Gieravardo are offered Mondays and Thursdays at 10. Guided tours to the orchid Brudkulla are offered saturdays at 10. We meet up at naturum visitors center.


Get familiar with the different alpine inhibitants and environments at your own pace, or with our botanical guides. Stroll along the paths, admire the orchids in the bog, and enjoy the fluorishing flora in the south-facing mountain slope. From the garden you have a spectacular view of the Hemavan delta.


Hemavan-Tärnaby Turistbyrå
Naturum Vindelfjällenn
Lapland 4U
Vindelfjällen - Europas största naturreservat